Wednesday, March 24, 2010

03.24.10 city of giants

city of giants

when i left you made it harder
harder on us both
harder on the folks who knew us well
tell me that you don't remember
how you asked me not to come back anymore

everyone is marching
to save the city of giants
falling around us
ashes to ashes we all fall down

your kindness never came easy
for that i forgive and forget
leave you to repent and regret
but never change
why you didn't try so hard to please me
and how i tried so hard
to let you go

there's nothing that tells me more
than what you say when
than when you say you're not sure

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

03.17.10 come hell or high water

come hell or high water

come hell or high water
i will keep it all together
everything i do i will do better
and everything i make will not fail

and i will live like I'm dying
and die when I'm ready to go
and we will love like we're trying
to be something so apropos

and all these separate consciences
won't ever know me
ever know you
but seek I try only to keep
what few ever find
and all ache to have

Thursday, March 4, 2010

03.04.10 the difference between

the difference between

it starts as a blow to my heart
i thought that we could drift like this
past the cities and their streets
the trash i built up just to keep
myself and everybody else just like me

i don't know the difference between
the words that we say
and the ones that we mean
we can stay until everyone's home
i like you with them
but i want you alone

somehow things always go wrong
until they go right
and we get along
i fight to break down the door
that you walked right through
like no one before