Saturday, February 27, 2010

02.27.10 i had to lie

i had to lie

i had my doubts
i couldn't shake them
i wondered how someone could take them
so far away
there was a time when i was a proud and
heartless prize to win
or to be left for those deserving

i had to lie
so still until the way i hoped just disappeared
into the way i feel about you
i let my weaknesses grow old
as if i lived to let them go

i decided once invited
i'd make an effort to be someone like you
with nothing to prove
you take a light you make it bright
i don't think about how long this time
i don't ask why

Thursday, February 25, 2010

02.25.10 i had no idea

i had no idea

if only time will tell how long you will love me
let all these hours pass as slowly
as my last breath over final words

as open and as temporarily tamed as i come
i make no mistake for leaving thoughts left in the dust
i come as quiet as i take
what i need from all that i can break

i had no idea

here i am welcome here i long
for the trials of my past to come undone
for all the false and fury found it's way away
and so each day command