Monday, August 1, 2011

08.01.11 righteous


i have no right to be righteous
if all the sacrifices i make
mean nothing to you

i have no cause to be cautious
or careless
if all that we share is on my side

and after all it's usually my fault
for crying out loud
for holding on too long
for making believe you would do
everything i'd done

please don't tire of me
i'll never tire of you
but your exhausted eyes
speak more than i'd like them too

i never asked for a guarantee
but to light up at exchanges like these

i'm not cut out for this
i'm not cut out for love
i just tear up myself
cause love is never enough

Monday, March 7, 2011

03.07.11 fall out

fall out

i hold nothing else
you who take better care of me
than i take of myself
selfish and wicked i've got it all
bold and farsighted
no cause for complacency as i recall

and how will i find you
when the bright lights come our way
and will we survive
when the fallout breaks the day
and what will i have left
that can't be taken away
with the darkening prospects unnameable objects
supplanting the quiet removing the context

and how can i be sure that we won't fade

if we were born to end in disaster
let me make the moves and bury into you
as the darkness falls faster
and were you inclined to choose symmetry
instead of me
well i would fare fine
though aimless inside