Wednesday, February 15, 2012

02.15.12 killing to be bright

killing to be bright

i'm killing to be bright

i'm killing to be holy
i'm desperate for your touch
so darling won't you hold me
there is no greater truth
there is no greater glory
if everything must end then let it be
when our lives are ready to move on to the next one

this above all else
what i won't give up
what i won't imagine my days without
i could kid myself
i could be alone
but what good would that do
a life lived without you
i'd die a thousands deaths
give you my last breath
just to hear you say

there's no one else i want
there's nothing i can't do by your side
there's no one else like you

i'm dying for the light
i'm searching for the angel's share
an empire built to rise
i hope that i will find you there
with nothing else to hold and nowhere else to go
i can't believe that there could be something more
than what I see