Monday, October 22, 2012

10.22.12 like a cat picks a bone

like a cat picks a bone

i will sow the palest of flowers upon your grave
and you will haunt me in my sleep over and over 
until i behave
and i will love you as long 
as spring thaws my veins
straightens my back and unravels my pain
and we will all be better for the wear and the want

oh you don't know me at all
how i can't stand the thought of shaking it off

and i'll pick myself like a cat picks a bone
out of boredom or hunger
lord knows i feel both

i figured i was good as gold 
and as rotten as i ought to be
i got a knack for holding back and keeping grudges 
that do nothing but eat away at me
and you come in waltzing wayward 
and i near lose my mind
but i got no right

to treat you unkind

i never wanted so much daylight
i never needed anyone to see
but now i'm caught up in the kindness
how could someone be so kind to me

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